Tia Matthews

Tia Matthews is the Fashion Business Director at Saga Furs, the full-service auction house that supplies the world's most prestigious fashion houses and luxury brands with premium-quality certified fur. At Saga Furs, Tia is responsible for leading the company to new markets, identifying new channels of growth, and reinforcing relationships with major partners.

Ms. Matthews has more than 20 years experience in developing and managing international fashion, luxury and lifestyle brands. Before joining Saga Furs in 2015, she held leadership positions with Adidas, PwC and Nokia and was based in offices around the globe including the UK, Australia, Finland, and the USA. Tia has extensive experience in developing and executing growth strategies to bring commercial operations on par with today’s ever-changing business requirements and opportunities - specifically, where environmental performance and social responsibility are a prerequisite.

Outside the office, Tia takes pride in being both fast and slow; she’s an avid runner and a member of the Helsinki Running Tribe and also a fashionista supporting slow sustainable fashion.